The Photographer



Tamar Griggs – photo by Dave Melanson

Even as a child, I enjoyed taking photos. However, it wasn’t until my daughter was born, that I began photographing in earnest. By the time she was three years old, I had seven beautiful hand bound photo books with intricate journal writing in India ink! To this day, these books are her favourite treasures she shows to all her friends.

I am passionately drawn to home and to place: exploring the miracles and delights of life that are happening all around us every moment if we take the time to see. I enjoy snapping photos of my island community and giving the photos away. It has been my way of connecting to people and letting them know how much they are appreciated. Over the decades, I have amassed quite an archive of island life! It is now time to share these moments.

My passions are wildlife (whales, seals, eagles and heron) and community.

My exhibitions include the juried Sooke Art Show on Vancouver Island, Cafe Talia on Salt Spring, and the Photosynthesis shows at Artspring since 2004. My work has been included in conservation magazines and the local Driftwood newspaper.