Faces of Salt Spring Photo Exhibit

What People are saying …

Wholly Amazing!



Beyond Expectations!

Great chronicle of our community.

Epic, historical, touching, fabulous and beautiful. What an incredible body of work that captures the Salt Spring Spirit.

An eruption of love! Waves of tears, the joys, the letting go’s. I believe you may have begun a Salt Spring Renaissance – community holding itself dear. Such a profound artistic achievement.

Everyone here is smiling, big smiles, so happy.

This is a great big family photo album.

So many familiar faces dead and alive; all the memories are flooding back.

Thank you Tamar, for a wonderful testimonial of your heartfelt love of this crazy community called Salt Spring Island. Such a gargantuan effort! Many touching photos. Ah, the memories…… Such a generous gift to all of us.

Amazing body of work! It is the collective soul of our island community.

So much joy!

A community of happy people with good teeth.

Such an adventure! WOW!

Great to put names to faces and to see some people in days before I arrived.

Monumental undertaking

A truly heart-warming reminder of what SS has meant over the years; our visual sense of community

How much fun you have had! What a lovely way to meet many lovely islanders.

Amazing to see our younger selves and folks gone by

A treasure for sure!

So many forgotten people come alive

What a beautiful, loving offering to our community

Aloha from Raj and Bonnie

Like the star-studded sky each one of these faces opens up into a life of great depth and complexity. As the stars are bound together by gravity so we are linked by our relationships and embraced in the arms of our Salt Spring Island.

Wonderful, whimsical chronicle of 2 decades of islanders and island life

What a remarkable contribution to the community, visually, historically, financially, artistically – wow! Sincere thanks.

Every town could use someone like you!

A magnificent extravaganza!

Such a contribution to the community: the people, who have moved, changed, died or have dementia now – to see their life return.

Awesome… more and more precious as time passes

The memories keep flooding back… makes your heart tremble

Looking at: babes-in-bellies, gap-toothed grins, painted bodies, hairy faces, dread locks, hand built, long gone, faded, new born, musical hatted, braided, best friended, dog-loved; floating and boating, marching, drumming, toiling, gardening…. Islanders all. Such engagement by the viewer rarely witnessed – Everyone looking deeply, and again. To the great act of will that created this opus, we thank you for the legacy Tamar and for the daily enthusiasm that brought your lens into our lives!

I would like to take 75 photos home with me. Fabulously loved the wonder show.

Ernie and I met Alan Best when we were at UBC. Ernie donated his pythons and other snakes to Alan at the Vancouver Zoo when we married!

How amazing you are to put this incredible show together. It is exhilarating to experience our community this way.

What a brilliant document of the Salt Spring Community! You really captured the spirit of the place … so much love … so much joy … and the bittersweet memories of those who are no longer here with us.

The opening party on the 26th of April was a real “shindig”/”Happening”/Celebration of Community!!!

You are a mistress of “giving photographs” rather than “taking photographs”.

I can’t wait to see the next installment!


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