Galveston Michéal Gill

Galveston Michéal Gill


Galveston Michéal Gill – 2013

I was born in Dublin, Ireland on May 19th, 2008 and came here April 28, 2013  because of Ya Ya and Baba.  I have had one year of kindergarten at the Salt Spring Centre School and am now in the first grade.

My accomplishments are reading and writing, playing the violin, riding a two-wheeler bike on my 6th birthday, patience when my Mom & Dad are talking, drawing, saying people’s names when I say “hi,” playing djembe drums, phonics, to play music, to garden organically.

My passions are playing the violin, art, music, and going to the Salt Spring Centre School.

What I love about living on Salt Spring Island:  It’s an island and I was born on an island (Ireland).  The schools are nice. The forests and mountains are beautiful.  I love seeing the bald eagles and living on the canal and seeing the water come in and the geese and the herons.  I love Fiddle Camp, and the Apple Fest, and going to the Saturday Market to busk.  I love going to the Tuesday Market to see my parents sell at the Hips and Haws booth.

There are no challenges to living here.  I left Ireland when I was 1-3/4 years old.  I was two when I baked my first loaf of bread.  Dad made the dough and I shaped it.  It was a tiny loaf of bread that was extra long.

Galveston was six years old when interviewed.

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