Helena Bryn-McLeod

Helena Bryn-McLeod


Helena Bryn-Mcleod – 2014

I was born on January 14th, 1990 in the Lady Minto Hospital. I was the New Years baby.

I studied Modern European Studies as a UBC Co-op student and I was the successful candidate for 2013/14 French National Education Placement as an English Teaching Assistance in Orléans, France. I speak French, and enough German and Spanish to get by. I lived in both Germany and France, and joined a German women’s football team! (That, if anything is an accomplishment).

I love working with kids, teaching or tutoring, playing soccer, camping at Long Beach, learning new languages, cooking, making good espresso drinks and latté art.

The best part about Salt Spring is the ocean. Never take it for granted. I love the connectedness and generosity of my beautifully enormous family and sharing a home base with my best friend and soul sister, Olivia.


Helena Bryn-McLeod – 2001

The challenge of growing up on Salt Spring was being sheltered. There are many more kinds of peoples, religions, ethnicities, and ways of thinking than I was aware of, and leaving the island at 18 proved a to shock me. It opened my mind to a much larger spectrum of consciousness than I imagined.

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