Locations of Photos

TG_FoSS_ssi-map3Ganges and North End
Fall Fair
Saturday Market
About Town
Duck Creek
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Fulford and South End
Fulford Days
Folk Dance Festival
History of Burgoyne Valley
(Peter Prince’s Film)
Weddings & Birthdays
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Burgoyne Bay
Camp Narnia
BC Parks Meetings
The Government Wharf
The Community
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Bold Bluff
Growing up
School runs by boat
Work Crews
Parties and Fun
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Texada (2000 – 2001: raising $21 million to buy 2600 acres in Burgoyne Bay Valley and the South End)
Sablefin Hatchery (2003 – 2004: Walker’s Hook Tombolo threatened by digging up a First Nations Burial site)
Gypsy Moth Overhead Spraying (2006 – 2008) in Fulford Valley
Climate Action Rally (2009)

Photography and History by Tamar Griggs Photography