About the Exhibit

Living alone at Bold Bluff as I did for 20 years, with boat access only and a passion for photography, I wore my camera whenever I left Bold Bluff and came to town, or came to attend island events.


photo courtesy Jen MacLellan

This was in the days of negatives and prints. Creating photo cards for my friends and writing individual notes, I put the cards on the piano, to gaze at those shining faces of my community alive again in my home. It was hard to send them on their way, but out they went, with the prettiest stamps I could find. The cards were my way of connecting to community.

These cards often were displayed as “Fridge Art” in friend’s houses. Over time they became people’s favourite treasures, and islanders hinted I should do an exhibit one day. I kept this idea close to my heart as I continued managing the large property I inherited, and prepared to sell.

Once Bold Bluff was sold and I had moved into Ganges, I found time to go through my archives. How surprised I was to discover over 400 islanders have been captured on film, out of a population of 12,000.

The photos record fun and important moments in our lives, and some even are good portraits. I love these beautiful faces of our island community, and I hope you will, too, as you see so many islanders gathered together in the ArtSpring galleries.