Róisín Taylor Gill

Róisín Taylor Gill

Róisín Taylor Gill

Róisín Taylor Gill – 2013

I was born September 7th, 2010 in Santa Cruz, California. I came here because of Ya Ya and Baba mostly.

I am not in school so I am learning mostly at home.  I am learning not to cry when I don’t need to.  Actually, I learned to pump on the swing, to write and spell my name, Róisín, baking, and making beds like Jeanne-Marie (Herman) does.  I am learning: don’t touch food when Mom and Dad are baking.  I help cook, but not when I am sick.  I swim with Baba, am careful with the violin and don’t drop the ukulele.

My passion is gardening, and how I garden, fast, and slow, and medium.   I love drawing with crayons, pens, pencils, and stuff like that.  I like the violin, and I LOVE GALVESTON.  One of my passions is Ya Ya, and eating organically. I love seeing my parents sell at the markets.

I love the beautiful mountains and seeing the bald eagles fly, the canal, my dreams, Sea Capers, Apple Fest, walks with Ya Ya, and the Saturday Market.  It is mostly all easy for me to live here.

Róisín Gill, age 4 when interviewed.

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