Sekoya Dawn

Sekoya Dawn


Sekoya Dawn – 2003

I was born in Victoria, BC in 1961 and moved to Salt Spring Island in 1991. We lived on a sailboat and needed more room for Injah as a baby to crawl. And Kim had lived here before.

My memories of Salt Spring Island warm my soul. Some of my favourite people in the world live there. Burgoyne Bay was our home for 14 years…. first on land, then a float house, (1-1/2 miles down the bay). We explored all of its glory. Kim West and I happily raised both of our children in Burgoyne Bay. What a wonderful nature foundation for both of them. The large expanse of land with no roads gives the area a “nature rules” feeling. The ultimate power in the forces of nature were experienced as we commuted by boat. We had a front row seat.

The ancient middens and bowls are a reminder of native presence. The area is sacred. There are many sources of inspiration for paintings and the glorious lifestyle to manifest them in. I give thanks for our time in Burgoyne Bay.

We are still attending the school of trial and error on Lasquiti Island where we moved in 2006.

My accomplishments are two rockin’ children and a happy mind. My passion is love, family of friends, and Burgoyne Bay. In spite of living with boat access only, and commuting to school by rowboat, I consider that there were no challenges to living here.

Sekoya Dawn


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