Ganges and North End

Ganges and North End


Chris Arnette and Fall Fair 2003

The exhibit is organized by location, so if you live in the South End and I snapped a photo of you in Ganges, you will be in the Ganges section.

Living isolated as I did for twenty years, with access only by boat, a trip to town was a party! Instead of filling up on gas, you can fill up on hugs and stories. Ganges is small enough that every town trip is resplendent with spontaneous meetings of people on the street or in stores, and most of the time you at least say “Hi” or stop to chat catching up on your lives.

Most of my photos are snapshots About Town, catching people walking, talking, laughing, and going about their business. Other photos capture the Saturday Market, Gay Pride, Centennial Park and ArtSpring events, and the Fall Fair.



Jill Thomas & Andrea Rankin 2001


Ganges is changing rapidly. Many enterprising businesses vanish after a few years. Suddenly you wonder, “Where’s the Fat Rascal? Sooz Sewing? Party Time Rentals? Sports Traders? Admiral’s? Mark’s Work Wear? Fables Cottage? The Cobbler? Bruce’s Kitchen? Calvin’s? Island Star Video?” In the blink of an eye, they are gone! Some photos of our town might bring on a wistful remembering.

So, come and see whom I bumped into on my trips to town, and imagine the conversations that took place.


Peter Prince 2001, Jo & Bob MacKay 2006, Arletta Byers & Yvonne Toynbe 2001

















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